Run unique a-thons participants love

Eliminate busy work and boost participation for your a-thon fundraisers.

A more fun way to fundraise

Unique a-thons

Set up any kind of fundraising a-thon, from walk-a-thons to book-a-thons to dance-a-thons. Host live or go virtual with online events.

Flexible fundraising

Take pledges per-lap, per-hour, per-anything. Add unlimited participants and manage everything from one dashboard.

Simple payments

Offer an easy checkout experience with per-unit or flat donations that automatically process when your a-thon ends.

Run your best a-thon ever

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How to run an a-thon

Learn everything you need to know to make your a-thon fundraiser successful with this helpful step-by-step guide.

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Level up your a-thons with Givebacks

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