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Why your PTA, PTO, or booster club should be planning a summer event

June 5, 2024

Why your PTA, PTO, or booster club should be planning a summer event

When summer hits, it’s tempting to hang up your school group leader hat for the season and take a breather. But summer is actually the perfect time to keep everyone in your school community connected to your PTA, PTO, or booster club.

With fall and spring being the primary fundraising seasons, summer gives you the opportunity to put on events that bring people together without having to focus on raising money. With the sun shining bright and longer days, there are tons of choices for super fun activities you can do to bring people together.

The best summer events

Whether you’re looking for an event that’s simple to run, one that takes more planning and coordination, or a no to lowest cost activity, there are plenty of options. The most important thing you need to consider is choosing something parents and kids will both love! 

These are some tried and true events that are always a crowd pleaser:

  • Picnic in the field
  • Movie night under the stars
  • Baseball night at the minor leagues
  • Parents vs. high schoolers kickball tournament
  • Skate glow party
  • Bowling night 
  • Apple pie baking competition
  • Book swap
  • Watermelon roll contest
  • Food truck festival

Make it easy

Even if your summer event isn’t a fundraiser, you’ll want to cover your costs. You’ll also need to think about whether you need to limit attendance if you’re using a space with a limited capacity or need a headcount ahead of time.

Selling tickets is a great way to make sure costs are covered and attendance is as expected. You can easily administer ticket sales in your store, which is also perfect for reducing cash transactions.

Fun for everyone

Keeping everyone in your school community connected takes a year-round effort. When summer hits, everyone has more time to relax, have fun, and engage, so for lots of parents it’s the ideal time to participate in a PTA, PTO, or booster club event

Plus, a summer event is a great way to get new officers off to a productive start before back to school night and the fall fundraiser. 

If your PTA, PTO, or booster club usually takes the summer off, try something different this year and bring people together with a fun activity or event. You might even find it becomes a new annual tradition!