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12 Unique and Fun Booster Club Fundraisers

February 28, 2024

12 Unique and Fun Booster Club Fundraisers

Looking to raise funds for your booster club while doing something fresh and new? We’ve got plenty of creative booster club fundraisers to engage your supporters and meet your fundraising goals. 

Whether your booster club supports sports, arts and music, academic clubs, or other student organizations, there are tons of innovative and fun options that will captivate your donors and boost your booster club’s success. 

The more creative the fundraiser, the more of a unique and memorable experience it is for your supporters. Plus, you’ll be more likely to attract a larger audience and increase your chances of reaching your financial goals when your fundraiser is exciting and different. 

Sports Team Booster Club Fundraisers

Squares and Brackets

Aligning with some of the most exciting sporting events of the year is a great way to get people excited to support your club. Selling Superbowl squares or March Madness Brackets are no-fuss booster club fundraisers that can bring in big money for your organization.

Sports Team Olympics

Bring all of the sports booster clubs together for some friendly competition that supports all the school teams. Whether you stick with traditional competitions like track and field or ice hockey, or you level the playing field with unique games like dizzy bat and coconut bowling, it will be a super fun fundraiser event for the student athletes who participate and the spectators who root them on. Meet your fundraising goals by charging admission and selling concessions.

Color Run

A favorite among kids and adults, the Color Run is a tried and true fundraiser that provides plenty of opportunities to raise money for your booster club and get your community involved in the fun. From selling white t-shirts and extra bags of color powder to concessions and more, it’ll definitely be a 5K to remember. 

Art and Music Program Booster Club Fundraisers

Instrument Art Auction

A great cross-section between music and art, this booster club auction fundraiser gets the imagination flowing and brings out all the creative people in your school community. By gathering as many retired instruments as you can, transforming them into pieces of art though paint or other media, and auctioning them off to the highest bidder, you can get supporters of your booster club engaged and excited to own a unique piece of instrument art.

Halloween Haunted House

Creating a haunted house in the school theater is a great way to let the kids participating in theater/drama have some fun while practicing their craft. Booster club members can help students design the rooms, the scares, and run the haunted house while raising money for the program by charging admission.

Town Serenade

What better way to show off students’ talents than sending them around serenading the town? This fundraiser is perfect for Valentine’s Day or the holiday season with supporters making a flat donation for each serenade they request. Plus, the more performers involved, the more money you can raise, so make it an opportunity for the band and choir booster clubs to come together and split the funds raised. 

Community Service Club Fundraisers

Home Landscaping

Whether it’s a Spring Mulching Fundraiser, Fall Leaf Cleaning Fundraiser, Garden Planting Fundraiser, or all three, getting groups of students together to raise money by taking on landscaping duties is a great way to give the community an opportunity to show their support and donate to your organization.

Thanksgiving Pies

Create a new annual tradition for Thanksgiving by starting a Buy-A-Pie Fundraiser. Give the community a chance to pre-order their holiday desserts by offering a few different pie flavors. Then, get students together in groups at home kitchens or in the cafeteria kitchen for a pie baking extravaganza that delights your supporters with a sweet fundraiser.

Food Festival

Host a food festival that highlights a variety of cuisines from different cultures. Invite local restaurants to be a part of it and charge an entry fee. It’s a great fundraiser that gives local businesses a chance to support the school and engage with the community. 

Academic Club Fundraisers

Digital Marketing Services

If your academic club is focused around business, entrepreneurship, coding, marketing, or social media, build a fundraiser around offering digital marketing services to local businesses within your community. Create a services package business can buy that is focused on what the students in your club do best – website development, a social media campaign, or other digital marketing service.

Crowdfunding Campaign

Launch a crowdfunding campaign as an academic club fundraiser and make it really easy for the school community to support your academic club. Tell your story on your campaign page and pay special attention to highlighting what you’re fundraising for, what the goal is, and the impact a donation will have. Make sure you promote your campaign through email and social media to get the widest audience and be sure to reach out to local media as well.  

Trivia Night

Run a trivia night fundraiser for your academic club and welcome the school community in for a fun evening of showing off their knowledge. If you’re looking for a format for the event, consider theming it after a popular game show or trivia board game. Teams can pay an entry fee and compete for prizes. You can raise additional money by selling refreshments or hosting a gift basket auction.

Making your booster club fundraiser is a success

No matter which booster club fundraiser you choose, making it successful is the ultimate goal. When it comes to nailing your fundraiser, creating a unique and memorable experience that engages students, parents, booster club members, and the entire community is a surefire way to rally your supporters and meet your fundraising goals.