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Case study: Keeping more fundraising dollars in your school

May 8, 2024

Case study: Keeping more fundraising dollars in your school

How Broughton High School's Booster Club supported students with better fundraising software

The challenge

Located in North Carolina, Broughton High School is a 4A high school with an enrollment of over 2100 students. Their athletic boosters support 14 teams and the money they raise is used to bridge the gap between the limited funds received from the county and the amount needed to run their programs.

Like many athletic booster programs across the county, Broughton High School's Caps Club lacked a central fundraising platform for all of its teams. Without a central fundraising platform, the Caps Club found it challenging to track monies raised and the multiple payments streams were difficult for the treasurer to manage.

Traditionally fundraising choices, including which fundraising platform to use, were left to Broughton High School's individual teams and coaches, with many of them choosing a fundraising platform that keeps 20% of money raised.

Recognizing just how much of funds raised were going to a corporation rather than in support of the athletes, it became clear to the Athletic Director and Caps Club that they needed to switch to a booster club fundraising platform that maximizes the amount of money teams keep.

The solution

When Broughton High School's Athletic Director and the Caps Club Treasurer began researching fundraising platforms, they focused on three priorities:

  • Making sure student athletes didn't have to sell merchandise no one wants
  • Keeping as much of the money they raise as possible
  • Leveraging the strong alumni support of their program with a platform that provides tools for cultivating, tracking, and communicating with a database of donors and supporters

Givebacks quickly stood out among all the fundraising software providers available. In addition to offering a full suite of included fundraisers that don't require selling merchandise, many of the Caps Club's parent volunteers were already familiar with Givebacks because the school's Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) had been using the platform for their fundraising, communications, and compliance needs for several years.

Plus, unlike the fundraising platform Broughton High School's teams had been using, Givebacks makes sure teams keep nearly all of the money they raise, benefiting student athletes with:

  • Updated and safer athletic equipment
  • Field maintenance
  • Athletic software programs
  • Additional scholarships

Finally, Givebacks offered both supporter management and communications tools that keep donors in the know with the latest information, updates on how funds are used, and what they can do to support their favorite teams.

The outcome

When Broughton High School’s athletic director suggested using Givebacks’ crowdfunding platform as a fundraising solution to team coaches, the women’s soccer team, track team, men’s tennis team, and Booster Club were immediately game. They all started using Givebacks’ peer-to-peer crowdfunding option for their fundraising.

Soon after, more teams chose Givebacks for their fundraising, including the football team. Using the platform, they were successful in reaching their ambitious goal of raising $40,000. Plus, using Givebacks, they were able to keep nearly all of what they raised. Had they been using their previous fundraising platform, the football team would have had to hand over $8,000 of what they raised to the fundraising company.

With such positive results, twelve of Broughton High School’s fourteen athletic teams have switched to Givebacks from their previous fundraising platform. The coaches and athletic director are so happy with the flexible options for managing platform fees and they really love the one-to-one support they get from their dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Download a PDF of this case study to share with your athletic director or booster club.