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How to get the community involved in your K-12 fundraiser

February 8, 2024

How to get the community involved in your K-12 fundraiser

Think of the most successful fundraiser you’ve been a part of. What made it such a big hit? While there are probably a variety of reasons that made it a success, maybe the most important one is that your whole community got involved. Getting everyone from parents and students to teachers and your community behind your fundraiser transforms it into a movement that the entire community wants to see succeed. 

When the whole school community rallies around your K-12 fundraiser and becomes actively involved, that tidal wave of support gets everyone excited to be a part of your effort. The end result means raising more for your school on that momentum. So, when you’re planning your next school fundraiser, use these tips to get the entire school community engaged.

Get teachers involved in your K-12 fundraiser

As you’re preparing for your fundraiser, partner with teachers early on in your planning process, as their input can help make your fundraiser even more successful. If you have a designated teacher liaison, let them know what your needs are so they can coordinate with other teachers.

Keeping teachers informed and providing them with resources and tools they can use to incorporate the fundraiser into their classrooms will make all the difference in getting them involved. Make it as easy as possible for teachers to share details around the purpose and impact of your fundraiser so they can educate students and get them excited.

Get students involved in your K-12 fundraiser

Getting students excited about your fundraiser starts by planning one that is aligned with their age and interests. When you’ve picked something they want to be part of, you can motivate students to participate by offering incentives or rewards on an individual, room, or class level. 

There are all kinds of rewards you can offer, including:

  • Public recognition
  • Certificates of achievement
  • Top fundraiser prizes
  • Awards for the most dedicated volunteers  

Get parents involved in your K-12 fundraiser

As a parent, you know how hectic life gets and how it can sometimes be hard to take on more. So, when it comes to getting parents engaged with your K-12 fundraiser, you’ll want to make it as easy and convenient as possible. While organizing in-person planning events like coffee mornings, workshops, and information sessions are nice, think about doing virtual meetings instead. They can be more convenient for people, especially if being in-person isn’t necessary.  

Communicate regularly with parents about your fundraiser so they can feel informed. Send email newsletters when you have importing details or updates to share. Making sure parents feel involved will encourage them to share ideas and suggestions that will help ensure your K-12 school fundraiser is a big success.

Get your community involved in your K-12 fundraiser

There are plenty of groups within your community who would be excited to support your fundraiser, whether they’re playing the part of co-host or supporter. Consider collaborating with or inviting participation or sponsorship from:

  • Other schools
  • Community-based groups and organizations
  • Local businesses
  • Local sports teams
  • Local media and social influencers

Involving as many community partners as possible will not only increase the reach and impact of your school fundraiser, but it will go a long way toward strengthening relationships within your community. 

Whether you’re putting on an elementary school fundraiser, middle school fundraiser, or high school fundraiser, rallying your community behind your event or campaign creates a sense of ownership and commitment, which helps increase participation. And increased participation is especially important when you’re looking for volunteers to help make your K-12 fundraiser a success.

Creating various volunteer, partnership, and sponsorship opportunities for parents, teachers, students, and the community builds an incredible sense of unity and shared responsibility that will help you achieve remarkable results and create a long-lasting impact.