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The best alternative to AmazonSmile: Create a passive giving fundraising stream for your nonprofit

January 23, 2024

The best alternative to AmazonSmile: Create a passive giving fundraising stream for your nonprofit

Are you a nonprofit searching for a way to replace the passive giving fundraising stream AmazonSmile used to fill for your organization? Look no further! In this article, we'll share the best alternative to AmazonSmile and share everything you need to know to get started.

Your organization's supporters are always eager to find ways to donate to your cause, especially if it's easy and doesn't cost them a thing. Charity shopping programs like AmazonSmile are a perfect solution for providing your supporters a creative way to give to your cause, without them having to do anything extra. They're likely doing a lot of their shopping online already, and programs like AmazonSmile let their online shopping dollars positively impact the causes they love.

But since Amazon shut down the AmazonSmile program in February of 2023, many nonprofit organizations are seeking an alternative program that creates a passive fundraising stream for their organization while rallying their supporters behind their cause.

Why did AmazonSmile stop?

AmazonSmile, launched in 2013, was a popular way for shoppers to support their favorite charities by donating a percentage of their eligible purchases. in early 2023, Amazon discontinued the program, leaving charitably-minded shoppers disappointed and looking for new ways to easily contribute to causes they care about.

While AmazonSmile's decision was challenging for nonprofits counting on the donations to run their organizations, there are alternatives that can fill the void for both supporters and causes.

How can nonprofits use charity shopping platforms?

Every fundraising dollar makes a difference to your nonprofit. Whether you're a PTA, PTO, Booster Club, community nonprofit, or grassroots organization, a charity shopping platform offers a unique opportunity to generate funds in addition to funds from traditional fundraising methods like a-thons, events, crowdfunding campaigns, and more.

By partnering with charity shopping platforms, nonprofits can tap into the widespread popularity of online shopping while creating a passive giving stream for the organization. These platforms enable supporters to contribute to your cause simply by making everyday purchases. It's a win-win situation, with supporters getting the products they need, while your organization receive a portion of the proceeds to further your mission.

What's most important is using a charity shopping platform that doesn't require any additional spend or effort for your supporters. It should be as easy as them shopping they way they normally would and the merchant funding the donation automatically.

Shop to Give from Givebacks: A top alternative to AmazonSmile

The Shop to Give program from Givebacks makes it easy for nonprofit organizations of all types – from PTAs and PTOs to Booster Clubs and community-based NPOs – to reach more supporters and create a passive fundraising stream effortlessly. Built by people whose mission is to empower people to do good every day without doing extra, Shop to Give was created specifically to provide customers a way to automatically power donations to their favorite causes every time they make a purchase.

How Shop to Give works for nonprofits and their supporters

The Shop to Give Program for nonprofit organizations provides supporters a hassle-free giving process when they shop at their favorite online merchants. Merchants fund the donations to your cause every time one of your supporters shops, so it's easy for them to give to your organization just by doing the things they are already. All they have to do is sign up, add the browser extension, and link their credit card. Then, any time they follow the prompts and make a qualifying purchase, your organization will receive a donation of up to 5%.

Nonprofits using the Shop to Give Program can raise more for their organization and have better control over their fundraising dollars. With Shop to Give, causes get immediate access to their funds, which creates an all-new passive donation stream that can make a big difference. The detailed reporting that the Shop to Give platform provides gives a real-time snapshot of the impact of the merchant-funded donations.

How do nonprofits get supporters to use charity shopping platforms like Shop to Give?

Nonprofits can encourage their supporters to use charity shopping platforms like Shop to Give through effective communication and clear messaging. By leveraging supporter and member email lists and social media platforms, your organization can easily inform your supporters about the benefits of a charity shopping program like Shop to Give.

Creating and sharing engaging content that educates your supporters on the impact of their contributions and reinforces how easy it is to participate will help move the needle. Highlighting success stories, providing interesting and timely project updates, and showcasing supporter testimonials are all ways to inspire individuals to take action and support your cause through Shop to Give. And, if you have relationships with influencers or ambassadors that you're able to partner with to spread the word, you'll be able to amplify your message and reach new audiences.

Help your supporters make a positive impact with every purchase

It's never been easier for supporters who want to donate even more to their favorite causes. While AmazonSmile is no longer be an option, Shop to Give from Givebacks offers a seamless giving experience that helps people make a positive impact with every purchase and helps nonprofit organizations create a passive giving stream that makes all the difference to their cause.

Get started with the Shop to Give Program today and get more donations, automatically!